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This page was last updated on: March 3, 2007
2001 - 2002

16 November 2002
RNZAF 3 Squadron is awarded the GOVERNOR GENERAL'S MERITORIOUS UNIT CITATION for their "Sustained outstanding service in support of peacekeeping operations while deployed in East Timor since September 1999."  The award was presented at the farewell parade 16 November at RAAF Darwin
15 October 2002
An Air Force C-130 Hercules, carrying a team of military and civilian medical personnel flew from Whenuapai to Darwin, Australia, to provide support to the Australian Defence Force after the Bali bombing
9 October 2002
A 40 Sqn C-130 Hercules was deployed with oil containment equipment in aid of the grounded bulk carrier ship Tai Ping grounded on rocks in Bluff Harbour.
28 September 2002
Sixteen Air Force personnel have been deployed to Antarctica until 28 Feb 2003 as part of Opertion Antarctica.
19 September 2002
Air Marshall Bruce Ferguson presented NZ Operational Service Medals and NZ East Timor Medals to the CEO and 5 other staff members of VINCENT AVIATION for there services providing a valued 740km air link between Darwin (Australia) and Suai (East Timor)
27 August 2002
A tri-service Royal Guards of Honour was mounted by the NZ Defence Force for the Openning of Parliament, to pay complement to the Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief, Her Excellency The Honourable Dame Silvia Cartwright PCNZM, DBE when she arrived at Parliament
18 August 2002
RNZAF Base Auckland emergency services were sparked into action when a Cessna 337 was forced to do an emergency 'wheels up' landing at Whenuapai.
11 August 2002
LAC Clare Flanagan wins RNZAF Association Award for NZCE studies.  The award was presented to her at Air Staff by AVM Klitscher.
August 2002
Two NZSAS soldiers were injured in Afghanistan when the vehicle they were in rolled down a bank.  The wo injured soldiers were airlifted by the US Military to medical facilities in Germany
Late July - 6 August 2002
A Royal Navy Lynx Helicopter made an unscheduled few days visit after the HMS Nottingham struck rocks off Australia.  The helicopter was eventually transported back to the UK on board an RAF C17 Globemaster.
6 August 2002
NZ musical group TADPOLE visited East Timor and gave a perfomance for NZBATT6
1 August 2002
Chief of Defence Force (CDF), Chief of Air Staff (CAS), and Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) visited RNZAF Base Auckland.  They were in Auckland to attend to attend the Navy celebrations of the 25th anniversary of womens integration into the Regular Forces
29-30 July 2002
Ten Chilean Navy personnel visited RNZAF Base Woodbourne to deliver a P3 Orion to Safe Air for depot level maintenance
26 July 2002
A reunion was held to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the integration of women into the Regular Force
22 July - 1 August 2002
Wigram in Christchurch was the host for the Wiseowl 80 exercise, which included elements of 42 and 3 Squadrons
16-19 July 2002
Members of 02/02 Recruit Course deployed to West Melton Range for long-range live fire
13 - 16 June 2002
Personnel of 2/1 Air Security Guard Course carried out bush survival training at RNZAF Camp Dip Flat
11 June 2002
NZ Defence begin the issue of an estimated 50,000 NZ Operational Service Medals and the NZ Special Service Medals
June 2002
RNZAF 3 Squadron come to the rescue of snowed-in stock as bad weather and continual cold fronts battered entral Otago
31 May 2002
A Base parade was held at RNZAF Woodbourne to mark the Queen's Birthday. The Queens Colour's were paraded
29 May - 6 June 2002
A 3 Squadron Detatchment of 74 personnel deployed to the Manapouro area for Exercise Blackbird, an exercise designed to train helicopter crews in high altitude, mountain flying operations and alpine survival
24 - 27 May 2002
All four Air Force bases managed, for the first time in many years, to provide both a mens and womans Interbase Basketball team.  This year the Interbase was held at Woodbourne where RNZAF Auckland won the womans 61-39 and the RNZAF Ohakea men won 75-48.
20 May 2002
An RNZAF 5 Sqn Orion located a sailor adrift in his liferaft when he abandoned his yacht after the keel broke.
17-26 May 2002
Central Area NZCF condcted a Commissioning course for NZCF Officers at Ohakea
17 May 2002
Group Captain Peter Guy DLog(F) convened a Technical Airworthiness Review Board (TARB) for the introduction of the new Seasrite SH-2G(NZ) helicopters, prior to their introduction into RNZAF service.
15 May 2002
The RNZAF 3 Squadron's rotation nine took over in Suai, East Timor, under the command of Sqn Ldr Mike Robinson
29 April - 2 May 2002
Woodbourne hosted the 2002 Interservice Golf tournament at the Marlorough Golf Club.  The RNZAF team, which had competed in the interbase two weeks earlier on the same course, had the advantage. RNZAF won the Services Championship Cup, Team Gross, Ajax Cup , Greenaway Rosebowl, 
25-27 April 2002
Members of RNZAF 5 Sqn took part in parades in New Caledonia with their Australian and French counterparts on ANZAC Day, and at the Bourail War Cemetary on 27 April.
25 April 2002
Students on an Orion Conversion Course had their first real taste of an operational sortie during their "first voyage" training flight.  As the flight was nearing completion the crew were called on to help with a real SAR off the coast of Samoa, the searcgh was for a missing boat between Pago Pago and Apia
13 April 2002
Cpl Justin Pike of RNZAF Base Auckland's Avionics Squadron won theCliff Manning Memorial Award by the Hobsonville Oldboys Association for his contribution to his unit and the Base as a whole.
23 March 2002
Radio New Zealand International lanched a new programme funded by the Armed Forces Canteen Council (AFCC) especially aimed at New Zealand forces deployed overseas
21-22 March 2001
An Air Force Orion of 5 Squadron took part in the School of Air Navigation graduation parade flypast in Australia
19-20 March 2002
CDS AM Ferguson visits Base Woodbourne.
15 - 17 March 2002
RNZAF Avionics Reunion was held in Auckland.  For all avionics related trades including Comm(A), Comm(G), radar, electrical, instruments, teleg, wireless mech, etc. from all years
March 2002
NZ Defence Force personnel committed to the War on Terrorism have had their deployments extended from three months to six months.
February 2002
- Air Marshall Bruce Ferguson takes over the reighns as the new Chief of Defence Staff
- Air Vice Marshall Don Hamilton Chief of Ar Staff retires after nearly 40 years of Service
- Sgt Mike Cocker receives a United nations Commendation for his services in East Timor.
31 January 2001
3 Squadron will complete its relocation to RNZAF Ohakea and become operational under Project Fortitude
28 January 2002
By this date the whole of 42 Squadron will have relocated to its new home at RNZAF Ohakea and become fully operational 
26-27 January 2002
Over 500 people attended a rousingly successful RNZAF Wigram Museum Super Family Fun Weekend
16 January 2002
A 13 strong Air Management Team were deployed to an airfield in Afghanistan.  An Air Force Hercules began carrying aid to Afghanistan in late February as a part of the World Food Programme.  The team will be stationed there for three months.
12 January 2002
An Air Force Hercules flew to Tona to deliver emrgency relief after Cyclone Waka struck the islands.  Some 300 homes were destroyed and a further 600 were damaged
7 January 2002
An RNZAF P3 Orion medivac from the remote Tarawa Islands
January 2002
Four Officers of No 36 Squadron Greymouth Air Training Corps received their NZ Cadet Forces Medals for 12 years of continuous service.  No other unit currently has four serving officers who have received this medal
25 December 2001
MHCM John Bray clocks up 6000 flying hours as a helicopter crewman with the RNZAF over a 19 year period
December 2001
Flt Lt Brendan Clarke, a NZ Pilot on a posting to the RAF, on 27 Oct 2000, flying a Jaguar aircraft, ejects safely just two seconds before the aircraft crashes near Locherbie Scotland, after a bir strike.  He has received the Queens Commendation for Bravery in the Air
16 - 18 November 2001
5 Squadron hosted a reunion to celebrate 60 years of operations. This was held in conjuntion with the 35th anniv of the arrival of the first P3 Orion into New Zealand Service
November 2001
Members ofthe RNZAF's Paracute Training Support Unit (PTSU) "dropped" in on their Australian counterparts for Operation Tasman Canopy a yearly Parachuting competition.  The group was also supported by an RNZAF Hecules for Para jumps
11 November 2001
A wreath laying ceremony was held at the National War Memoprial in Wellington to celebrate the 83rd anniversary of the signing of the Armistice in WW1
15 October 2001
A 5 Squadron Orion responded to a call from Fiji to search for a missing fishing vessel that was ten days late in arriving from Apia, Western Samoa.
29 September 2001
At 0625 and 5 minutes later two B747s landed unplanned at RNZAF Ohakea after diverting from Auckland after travelling from Los Angeles
26 - 28 October 2001
The 56th Nathional Conference of the RNZAFA will be held at Hobsonville
26 September 2001
A 69 year old male was reported missing after failing to return from a tramp near Warkworth.  The man was found alive several hours later.
8 October 2001
Under Project Reshape some 145 personnel received notification of their services being despenced with by the RNZAF, and they will be discharged under catagory DJ2
23 September 2001
A woman was reported missing near Bulls after leaving her car and went for a walk. She was found suffering dehydration on 24 September 2001.
17 September 2001
Thames/Coromandel held their Battle of Britain Commemoration
12 September 2001
A 40 Squadron Boeing transported urgently some 300 safety helmets to the FBI in New York after the events of 11 Sept. Afterwards the aircraft carried on its trip to Canada
9 September 2001
Battle of Britain Commemoration was held at the Mt Maaunganui RSA at 9.30 am
2 September 2001
The New Zealand Armed Forces were on standby to take over all the New Zealand Prisons in the wake of continuous strike action by Prison Officers
30 August 2001
A comprehensive settlement for Bourgainville, its people and the government of Papua New Guinea was signed by both sides at a ceremony in the Bourgainville township of Arawa
20 August 2001
A Sioux helicopter with 2 crew made an emergency landing in Opotiki after striking overhead wires.  It was travelling with another Sioux to Auckland from an exercise in Gisborne. An inspection team was despatched to do a routine investigation.
17 August 2001
Pierre Morine is elected as a life member of the Tauranga/Mt Maunganui branch of the RNZAFA
August 2001
The Boeing 727 celebrates 20 years of faithfull and cost effective service to the RNZAF and a part of 40 Squadron
6 July 2001
LAC Anya Bevan SSUPLR and LAC Michelle Thompson ACFTTECH were named top trainees for 2000 at the recent RNZAFA Awards ceremony
5 July 2001
A Charter parade was held in Henderson Auckland with 123 servicemen taking part, along with a 24 man RNZAF Band.
2 July 2001
A new combined military Headquarters (Joint Forces Headquarters) was officially launched.  The first Air Force Component Commander will be Air Cdre John Hamilton. The whole Unit will be under the Command of the newly promoted Maj Gen Martyn Dunne.  A tri-service parade was held to mark the occasion.
19 June 2001
Two RNZAF A4 Skyhawks made an unscheduled and precautionary landing at Groote Eylandt in Northern Australia, at 8 pm local time, after one aircraft declared an emergency.
13 June 2001
The Minister of Defence announces the forthcoming introduction of the New Zealand Operational Service Medal to all those who have rendered service overseas in an operational capacity since 1945.  Several other grievences have also been addressed in this press release.
11 June 2001
The Minister of Defence announces that RNZAF Personnel who were a part of the Rwanda releif effort in 1994 will be entitled to claim the New Zealand General Service Medal (Non Warlike). It is expected that just over 35 personnel will be eligible.
3 June 2001
Death announced of Air Mshl Sir Kenneth HAYR in a flying accident at the controls of his De Haviland Vampire, at an air show in the United Kingdom.
3 June 2001
New Zealand Minister of Defence announces continued support in the form of NZBatt6 in East Timor from March to September 2002. This to include 3 Squadron Air Element.
2 - 7 June 2001
Exercise Taniwha was held at Hobsonville to train Security, Fire, Admin, and PE staff who were about to be deployed to East Timor
23 May 2001
A Hercules and 32 crew departed for Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada for Exercise Maple Flag 34.
22 May 2001
Recruit Course 2/01 began this day at RNZAF Woodbourne's General Service Training School (GSTS)
14 May 2001
A 5 Sqn Orion conducted a Northern Patrol (NORPAT) series of flights over the EEZs of Niue, Cook Islands, and Kiribati in association with the Forum Fisheries Agency.
8 May 2001
The New Zealand Prime Minister announced 'PROJECT RESHAPE',  the complete axing of the strike force of the RNZAF.  All the A-4 Skyhawks and the Macchi jet trainers will be sold within the year.  The RNZAF will also lose at least 700 personnel with these changes over a period of three years
1 May 2001
The RNZAF Survival School at RNZAF Auckland began Refresher Aircrew Survival Training for three days
May 2001
During the Month of May 68 RNZAF personnel travelled to Crete for the 60th anniversary commemoration ceremonies of the battled of Crete
23 April 2001
A 5 Squadron Orion conducting a routine patrol in support of South Pacific Forum fisheries member countries located an unlicensed fishing vessel in the Vanuatu Exclusive Economic Zone.  The vessel was subsequently boarded by Vanuatu Fisheries Officers.
11 April 2001
Gp Capt Peter Guy presents each of the 10 members of the Small Technical Trades Review (STTR) team with a Director of Logistics Commendation for their efforts.
18 April 2001
A party, with an Italian flavour, was held at RNZAF Ohakea to mark the tenth anniversary of the first Macchi MB339CB aircraft in the RNZAF.
7 April 2001
The Prime Minister presents East Timor Medals to many Air Force personel at RNZAF Base Auckland
4 April 2001
Members of the RNZAF of all ranks paraded in Wellington, outside Parlianment for the swearing in of their new Commander-in-Chief Dame Sylvia Cartwright the new, and 18th, Governor General of New Zealand.
30 March 2001
RNZAF Base Woodbourne held a charter parade through the streets of Blenheim.
28 March 2001
The Governor General of New Zealand Sir Michael Hardie-Boys retires.
28 March 2001
A new medal called 'The East Timor Medal' is announced.  This is to be awarded to New Zealanders, both military and civilian, who have been involved in a New Zealand contribution to East timor since July 1999.
24 March 2001
The RNZAF Deployed a P3K Orion with 31 personnel to Adelaide South Australia for the annual Fincastle Trophy.  The trophy for 2001 was eventually won by the UK.
21 March 2001
A team of 61 RNZAF Personnel from No. 3 Squadron deployed to East Timor for a two month tour of duty.
20 March 2001
An A-4 Skyhawk (NZ6201) of 75 Squadron RNZAF made a precautionary landing at RNZAF Woodbourne after striking a suspended wire cable  while on a low-level navigation exercise west of Murchison, New Zealand.  The aircraft landed safely having suffered damage to the tail fin.
20 March 2001
53 Airforce personnel departed from RNZAF Whenuapai bound for East Timor, to releive their counterparts in Suai for a six month tour of duty.
19 March 2001
An RNZAF A-4 Skyhawk (NZ6256) of No. 2 Squadron crashes into the sea 90 nautical miles west of Perth, West Australia.  The pilot ejected safely and was later picked up by a rescue helicopter and admitted to hospital for observation.
17 March 2001
An airshow was held at RNZAF Base Whenuapai and drew in excess of 60,000 people.  There were flying displays by the RNZAF, RAAF, and the Warbirds Association.
5 - 15 March 2001
The NZ Defence Force instigated Exercise TASMANEX 2001, a joint/combined maritime exercise involving ships, a submarine, maritime and attack aircraft, and helicopters from Australia, France and New Zealand.
2 March 2001
a 37 man search team set off from RNZAF Woodbourne to assist the Motueka Police in a search for a missing hunter.
13-18 February 2001
The RNZAF takes part in The Australian International Airshow 2001 at Avalon Airport 45kn North West of Melbourne.  More than 200,000 visitors attended.
16 February 2001
An A-4 Skyhawk from 2 Squadron RNZAF crashes near its Nowra Australia base. Its pilot Sqn Ldr M.J Neilson (CO of the Squadron) was killed instantly.

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